Twiglet #53

A twiglet is a short phrase. Or a word. Its aim is to “prompt” a flow. A thought. A memory. If something comes to mind, write. A polished piece isn’t the goal; creativity is. Leave a link, if you’d like your work read, but comments should not be expected. Twiglets are posted on Tuesdays.


37 thoughts on “Twiglet #53”

  1. Suicide at 23

    You are a still shadow
    in my mind, never growing
    older, wiser, kinder,
    always twenty-three
    while I age on,
    a little older, a little wiser,
    a little kinder
    and a life well lived
    without you.
    You could have, too,
    if you only knew then
    what I hope you
    know now.

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    1. There was a Jeopardy clue the other night about firmament… I think the question was something like what was created on the second day? But the firmament is described as everything and it was on the second day that “The sky forms a barrier between water upon the surface and the moisture in the air. At this point earth would have an atmosphere” – Though ‘Day’ at that point could have also been a billion years. Who is man to define the day of any god?

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    1. My internet connection is completely flaky here in Cartagena so I can’t read or comment as I’d wish. I’ll be back in Bogotá next week for a few days, and I’ll catch up then.

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