Twiglet #56

A twiglet is a short phrase. Or a word. Its aim is to “prompt” a flow. A thought. A memory. If something comes to mind, write. A polished piece isn’t the goal; creativity is. Leave a link, if you’d like your work read, but comments should not be expected. Twiglets are posted on Tuesdays.

38 thoughts on “Twiglet #56”

      1. I can only guess the other birds have their own spirit stories. Some of the links about the red birds are interesting. I did not know that Cardinals (the birds) can have clutches of up to twelve eggs. I do see them all year round. 🙂

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    1. “Imperfect as a leaf or country choir” is wonderful. Perfect in their imperfection. And quiet being tangible, like fog or sunshine is great.


  1. Sound Thinking

    The temperature dropped like a stone –
    Which made me think
    That invisible, freezing rocks might be
    Falling from the sky
    So I should stay inside.

    But no. I wondered instead if could hear
    All the pebbles and rocks along the road
    With the same silence as ice
    Cracking from cold.

    Or maybe down at the beach the sand
    Might be singing, the way it does in summer,
    Except Christmas Carols and Auld Lang Syne.
    Hard to hear much over
    The sound of the ocean shivering,

    The waves coming in
    And stamping their feet,
    As they try to shake off
    The North Atlantic
    Just down from Labrador.

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    1. Ah… to hear the sand sing… that memory is a keeper…
      drawing warmth from there, that memory since there is no warmth from the northern winter here. Brrr.


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