Twiglet #64

A twiglet is a short phrase. Or a word. Its aim is to “prompt” a flow. A thought. A memory. If something comes to mind, write. A polished piece isn’t the goal; creativity is. Leave a link, if you’d like your work read, but comments should not be expected. Twiglets are posted on Tuesdays.


38 thoughts on “Twiglet #64”


    Make up your mind before the sun rises.
    A good day; a bad day?
    Greet the dawn or curse it.

    Before the dawn of creation,
    The Triune God knew all that would be:
    The visible, the invisible,
    And still He created all things.

    I lie in the brightening darkness
    trying to recall a dream I had of you,
    but the wings of dream powder away.

    The morning sun cuts across the horizon:
    Blade of golden grass or blade of knife?
    Meet the fields with a half-moon smile.

    No one is promised another dawn here.
    We live day to final day
    and do our best to fill the time
    with noble deeds of kindness.


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  2. Thin as Skin

    I’m waking to
    the world’s return,
    just before dawn
    as the sun and moon
    are at truce, and
    deepest sleep is
    thin as skin,
    its jealous eye
    opens. Wakes.

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  3. Drag that lazy Sun out of bed
    by his whip-fire hair –
    SOB sleeping in late
    while we’re freezing
    our asses off out here.

    Hustle up some coffee, light,
    with scorched toast and eggs
    sunny-side-up –
    then get cracking
    In that old yellow van.

    Remember, he takes a shine
    to that bimbo Dawn,
    so no stopping off in Daytona Beach
    for the wet T-Shirt contest
    like yesterday.

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