Twiglet #208

a long silence

A twiglet’s aim is to “prompt” a thought. If something comes to mind, write. A polished piece isn’t the goal; creativity is. Leave a link, if you’d like your work read, but comments should not be expected.


36 thoughts on “Twiglet #208”

  1. As Winter’s Long Silence Takes Flight…

    the birds don’t chitter in dawn’s light
    nor the mourning dove coo at night
    the day is awkwardly silent
    and her light too speedily spent.

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      1. We usually don’t stay up to midnight anymore… but this year we did. Like others we spoke to – we just want to make sure the old year was finished.


        1. We stayed up until midnight, but then packed ourselves off to bed shortly after that. We’re under a total national lockdown here, so there wasn’t a lot of activity anywhere.


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          1. My state had sort of a lockdown. Restaurants were closed for indoor dining for about a month and just were allowed to reopen on the 4th with limited seating. Still no travel in from other states unless you quarantine for 2 weeks or have a clean test. So no one was really allowed in or out for since the end of November. That hasn’t lifted yet.

            We’ve only had a few of that second strain other states and here too. But at least some folks are getting the vaccine.

            All we can do is stay as safe as we can. And hope that things will get better sooner than later. Some though think we are moving too fast as it is. And there are still some folks in disbelief that anything is wrong.


              1. I live in an area where there is a large Amish population. They call everyone who isn’t Amish, English. They believe (or some anyway it has been reported) that the whole Covid issue is English propaganda.

                There are others too, like those parents who won’t immunize their children. And other groups too. That don’t realize how dangerous they make it for everyone else.

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                1. In New York City, we’ve been having the same sort of issue with some members of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. Too many refuse to follow pandemic mandates, so the virus continues to spread. I want to say that I hope the vaccine makes things better, but I wonder how many will refuse inoculation.

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                  1. I lived in NYC for a bit in the 1960’s. Those religious folks remind me of a story about a flood (Pick any neighborhood, town, state):

                    The floods are coming. Folks have been warned to leave. Of course there are a few who refuse. They do the sand bag big and say their Creator will provide. And refuse the offer of the bus that will take them to safety. The water gets higher than the sandbags and into the lower half of the home. A motorboat comes around and still they hold up, refuse help. Finally the waters rise to the roof tops. A helicopter comes and is waved away. The inevitable happens, the person dies. Gets to whatever after place the expect and whine why didn’t my Creator help me. And the voice booms; “I sent a bus, a boat and a helicopter and you didn’t get on any of them!!”

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  2. Rewritten from a haibun earlier this week…

    The Acropolis Physic Gardens

    There are no gardens
    in the ancient Agora of Athens,

    just weeds striding proud 
    through the stoney ruins.

    We sit amongst ancient silence
    with a wide glance of the world.

    Here, with its endings,
    where history began.

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  3. […] the lonely and socially isolated during this, another lockdown. Mish's twiglet 'a long silence' gave impetus to some get-the-ball-rolling poetry writing as I join with others @dVerse for Open […]


    1. My husband has the radio volume too high, the TV too high, and a bit of silence makes my ears ring.

      By the way, it’s not Mish who brings you weekly Twiglets, it’s me, Misky. We are two different people. 😃

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