Twiglet #209

hung from pegs

A twiglet’s aim is to “prompt” a thought. If something comes to mind, write. A polished piece isn’t the goal; creativity is. Leave a link, if you’d like your work read, but comments should not be expected.


31 thoughts on “Twiglet #209”

    1. This verse reminds me of Monty Python – one year I was gifted with the Attack Rabbit (puppet) – the box is hilarious!
      (Be back soon, maybe even later today.)

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  1. the evangelists
    in prayer
    laid their hands
    on the wispy orange strands
    of his ill fitting wig

    their fake messiah
    will be more fittingly
    hung on pegs this time
    rather than a cross

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    1. I wrote a modern day nursery rhyme (not for the public) but I could send it to you if you wanted to see it.
      Sort of in the same ‘vain’. Touché.


  2. I had a busy day. I managed a flash fiction piece adding to my series. I hope to come back with some poetry.
    But for now this where the prompt lead: (98) Damned Family 1p (‘Dove’ Is Safe And Secure)

    (I hope to get some more time tomorrow to visit the other prompted pieces 🙂


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