Twiglet #249

This week's prompt is Chewed Up The Road.
Chewed up the road

A twiglet’s aim is to “prompt” a thought. If something comes to mind, write. A polished piece isn’t the goal; creativity is. Leave a link, if you’d like your work read, but comments should not be expected.


20 thoughts on “Twiglet #249”

  1. I’m assuming these are image prompts, aren’t they? I mean, I see no prompt with my screen reader, but just checking in case I missed something.


      1. I’m confused. Is the prompt an image with text inside it? In other words, is the actual prompt a textual one but presented as an image? If so, is there any possible way you could type out the prompts, so that those of us like me who use screen readers (software that reads the screen to blind computer users) can access them?


        1. Yes, it’s textual presented as an image. There’s an alt description on the image that includes the prompt words. Does it not show up in your reader? I’ve added a caption on the image now, and I’d be interested in knowing if this solves the issue for your reader.

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          1. Thank you. I’m going to check it out on my computer and iPhone in a bit (I’m writing this reply from the WordPress iOS app). I’m pretty sure an alt text should normally work, but it didn’t seem to in this case.


            1. Yay, it works now! Thanks so very much. I’m going to check the previous prompt to see if I somehow skipped over something now that I know there should be an alt text so I know what to look for.


            2. I haven’t updated the past images, but I’ll try to do that on all future Twiglet prompt posts. They’re posted every Tuesday.


            3. Hmmm, on my PC, no alt text (or any indication that there’s an image, so that I could OCR it) shows up on Twiglet #248, so I’m guessing somehow the alt text doesn’t work. Do you set your twiglets as featured images only or link them somewhere in the body of your post too? I think that if you set them as featured image only, my screen reader doesn’t recognize them as they’re somehow overruled by the title of your post. I’m not that tech savvy though. Anyway, providing a caption does definitely work, so if you could try to do that in future, you’d do me and other blind writers a great favor.


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