Twiglet #264

an empty fridge
an empty fridge

A twiglet’s aim is to “prompt” a thought. If something comes to mind, write. A polished piece isn’t the goal; creativity is. Leave a link, if you’d like your work read, but comments should not be expected.

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  1. I Dream an Emptiness

    In 2001
    (A Space Odyssey) black obelisks come
    to signify. Damned if I know what.
    In 2016
    (another long story) a slab of black
    was already in the house.
    Large as all of Narnia.
    A boxcar of home refrigeration.
    With depths I fear
    contain primordial matter.
    Perhaps it arrived with civilization
    or life,
    and when it stops working
    will implode. Don’t
    be surprised.

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    1. That’s why I bought an upright, so I didn’t plunge into the depths of frozen matter that was so old it qualified at anti-matter (anti-matter being that unlabelled stuff that doesn’t matter).


  2. […] Twiglet 264 empty fridge / I used ‘ice chest’ Eugi’s Prompt; caress Tanka Tuesday 256 Hello everyone. This week, choose your own syllabic form and color to feature in your syllabic poem. If the form is from the #TankaTuesday Cheat sheet, let us know so we know where to look for directions. If it’s a new form, share how to write it and where you found the instructions. Think about the different ways you can use color in a poem.// P.S. Taste the Rainbow refers to colors. You do not have to write about a rainbow in your poem. Add a color to your poem. I wrote a pair Shadorma: syllables per line; 3,5,3,3,7,5 I used two shades of Yellow; Lemon and Honied  […]


  3. Empty Frig Syndrome

    She saves bread ties and aluminum foil
    empty plastic containers and glass jars
    She can’t buy just one of something
    must double it up, cause you know,
    the only thing certain is uncertainty, by Jove.
    The shelves in the grocery store are austere.
    Some may sneer, call her a bleeping hoarder
    but she remembers the stories grandma told
    of the depression of the 30’s before she was old.

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    1. It is something I think quite a bit of us do… Trying to be prepared.
      I cannot imagine the limited coupons for ‘staples’, and having to wait in line…
      But I do remember last years run on paper products!!! And those empty shelves!!

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