Twiglet Announcement

my grandchildren
©Misky 2022

After a 3-year separation, my son, his wife and her mother, and my two grandchildren arrive at Heathrow on 1 July. Twiglets are scheduled to go live as usual on Tuesdays, but I’ll not be around much to read, comment, or moderate. Be kind to each other, and keep yourselves safe. I’ll be back at the end of July. Yes, those are my youngest son’s two children. Luisa and Nico.

Much love to each and all.


23 thoughts on “Twiglet Announcement”

  1. After a minor jolt, after I got to the “Twiglets will continue” bit, I got my heart started again. How could I (ie we) do without? I’m sure we’re all happy that you’ll be getting some fam time. Enjoy!


      1. Red or grey? Around these parts, the ones I see are red. The coyote are a bit more orange. They are always accross the creek though.
        I’m with Ron – So glad that you will be with family and will continue the prompts.
        Lovely Grands Misky. They look just a tad younger than mine 😀

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          1. I’ve seen one at night going through the snow, a couple during the day, and a kit chaising a butterfly. Yes red with black leg/paws 🙂

            And that’s all I’ve seen in about 30 years here. 🙂


  2. I posted in the wrong spot. (Of course, I did).

    Oh, Misky, that’s wonderful! Savor every moment and keep their pockets full of memories to take home with them. I love that picture of them being creative.


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